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  1. dogfacedboy uk1's Avatar
    Well done mate, I did not see this model, but next year I am definately going to make a better effort to take photos from all the finalist cabinets. I got some good pics this year and I'm looking forward to what people are planning for the next event, especially all the top painters. dfb
  2. Rose Model Art's Avatar
    Its an idea, my only worry is being close to the time limit on having it finished.

    Originally the idea was to have a larger square base, but many commented that it was too big for the duel category, hence why i have cut it down.

    Making a similar base in a round shape would be doable, i could make the basics up in an afternoon, i am just worried that if i make the base too big as a circle i will be moved to the diorama category, or judged lower.

    The square base i have made up is closer to the max allowed i.e 40-50mm square or 50mm round, as you are allowed some play in this from experience of seeing previous winners.

    I may have a play as i have a plinth base that the final models on a scenic base will go on, so i could make a few base ideas and go from there.

    Part of my idea is also to make the base more eldar in design as in the librarian is tresspassing.

    I will put them together and see which gets the best feedback and go from there.

    as i just have the base to work on now i have a good 2 weeks to deisign something.

    Thanks for your feedback though
  3. Matt Cexwish's Avatar
    Hej there... Looking really Interesting so far, much potential, but I would STRONGLY suggest not to use that Base for your Duel... It is simply too straight... The elements on it rigidly follow the boundaries of the base, making it look way too static and really not doing your Great Miniatures a favour... Better Choose a Round Base... This will take the rigid direction out of your setup and allow the spectator to see it from all Points around equally... Also, think about tilting the whole ground in a direction (the bigger the Angle the more dynamic and aggressive your Scene will finally look...)... A Base doesn´t always have to be like this, flat and Square, quite the contrary... It is the back bone of your Project as it rests on it... I would also recommend to go wilder with the Sand and use some that is more fine... If you look at a Ground anywhere in real life, you will only find those neat rubble piles somewhere near a Broom, but never on a Battlefield...... Go crazy with the Sand and use different types to be more true to the Miniatures scales (as there is always Sand, Soft, Dry, Wet and Hard Earth, Rubble, bigger Stones, Trash, Leaves and whatever you may also find outsides... Trust me, it´s an awful lot...^_^...
  4. Rose Model Art's Avatar
    A lot of people have said this about moving the models in, however if i do that then the whole image of the lightning (smite) and the sphere wont work. It should hopefully make sense when that part of the scene has been started
  5. alextheartist's Avatar
    Just my two cents, there is a lot of space for two minis. Imo if you look at lots of the stuff that wins in duel, its stuff that compleatly fills the base with minis. Take a look at Mark Liftons stuff for inspiration. If it was me I would try and fit them on a much smaller base, to draw the viewer into the details
  6. Rose Model Art's Avatar
    Thanks folks.

    I am entering the UK GD in september - The long trip from Aberdeen .

    Got more done last night, plasticard onto the foamboard fro strength and to create effect of stonework.

    Base proper will be started at the weekend.
  7. camelson's Avatar
    on what GD you are going?
  8. Kombo's Avatar
    We will be attentive

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