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  1. Eldar afoot

    Well i am working away on the other half of the duel, the farseer.

    I have gone for a predominantly red scheme to give a good sense of two opposing forces.

    Hopefully it will stand out a bit.

    This is what i have so far:

  2. Changes afoot

    Well after some tips on the forums etc, i have changed my design a bit.

    The farseer is now facing the other way round, with the cloak blowing away from the force of the lightning, i also re did the hand more upright and splayed.

    The librarian is a totally new figure, using the arms from the FW model, hopefully this will make the figures more dynamic, throwing some force into the attack\defence.

    I am also flattening out the stairs as i was never going ...
  3. Golden Demon or bust!

    Well last night was the start of my trip to golden demon 2012.

    After a bit of a false start where my base design was wrong for the rules, i have got my design laid out and the plinth and base size defined.

    Models laid out (Place holder GK for farseer).

  4. The start of a new force - Grey Knights

    Well i painted up my first mini of my grey knights, and as the poster boy for the army i chose a halberd wielding terminator.

    Using a guide from Garfy on Tale of many painters Blog i ended up with this:

    Quite liking the blue note to the armour, but i have seen another way of doing the armour that has a more grey look.

    Will update once i have completed the other great task, my space wolves
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  5. Back in the saddle!

    Well its been...erm...a while since i posted here.

    TBH i had forgotten about it as life got in the way and i went througha bit of a bad time.

    All is well now, and i have got back into the swing of things, i hope to be more active here and start doing some progress for my build up to entering my first golden demon at this years UKGD.

    I will try and teach myself to use the blog a bit more and try to update regularly.
  6. My first post!

    Hi all, i hope you like my blog space, i am basically going to use it as a spring board for conversation, discussion on painting or conversions and anything else that tickles my fancy.I have posted some pics of my most recent work, the dark angels, and i am about to start a WIP log of three Chaos terminators i am converting, it is either going to be a nurgle lord and 2 bodyguards, or 3 seperate Nurgle lords, i am not sure at the moment!Pics to follow tonight once i get home from work.
    Painting and Modelling ,
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