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  1. Santa Claus leaves town....

    Off this weekend to deliver presents to relatives I will not be seeing over the holiday period, so there will be no updates and probably no modeling over the weekend.I am taking some sprues, a knife, glue and greenstuff, but would be supprised if I get a chance to use them. Last night I painted up the glade guard musicians hair and horn. Unfortunetly no photo's I'm afraid.
  2. Choir singing when the voice starts to break.

    No painting last night, because I paid a visit to our local Cathedral to listern to my two boys sing in the school Carol servive.Very nice it was, but I think that the teachers were having a little joke with some of the lads. My eldest is 14 now, and his voice has mostly broken. He and his male classmates were made to sing a song that was mostly low but with some high notes. The audience held their breath as they started and as the reaslisation spread of what was about to happen. It went great throughout ...

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