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  1. supervike's Avatar
    If anything the size difference just adds interest to the overall group. I think they fit in wonderfully.
  2. Observer's Avatar
    You are going to play them! They look as already made dioramas. Very neat and original
  3. supervike's Avatar
    The scheme works wonderfully. The effect of the bright sword against the relatively muted greens really pulls my eye to the sword immediately. Nicely done.
  4. supervike's Avatar
    I wouldn't be too hard on yourself...Sometimes I go months without finishing anything. Besides, those shields look damn good!
  5. supervike's Avatar
    Wonderful! It's worth the typical bumping risk to have such cool models.
  6. supervike's Avatar
    You've amazing productivity! And stellar results! Congrats on working so darn well!
  7. Target's Avatar
    Many thanks. Coming from you that means a lot. I can't seam to get a good enough photo to show the subtle tones, but enough said, they look better in the "un" flesh.
  8. supervike's Avatar
    Love the flesh color! These are fantastic minis, and I didn't realize it until seeing yours.
  9. Observer's Avatar
    Poor cow!
  10. Observer's Avatar
    Nice adornment for the gaming table
  11. Observer's Avatar
    Sic transit gloria mundi :)
  12. Target's Avatar
    Nice bit of Latin there Lady, maybe a little long to fit on the banner but certaimly along the lines of what I was after. After the skeletons have no eyes to read it, so its effect must be against the enemies.
  13. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    I really do like your painting style, it's smooth and has plenty of detail. As for the banner, why not have a look at latin quotes and sayings. A good one for this may be "Mater memento mori" - Remember your mortality.
  14. Victor's Avatar
    Hey man,

    I'm an Empireplayer myself (approx 5000p.)
    But here's a tip for a warriorpriest.
    I'm using a confrontain Griffin excorsist. Looks great. I think you can still find it on ludik-bazar,just google.
    Saves lots of time hacking and chopping on a GW mini and it's really detailed and easy to paint. Hope i've helped you a bit.
    And WP do work,2 units of flaggelants in 2000p will mess up every opponent's plans. Good luck
  15. Observer's Avatar
    Very impressive work. They look so realistic and still so fantastic!
  16. Target's Avatar
    Thanks lady, yes they are autumn themed. The only problem was I never finished the rest of the army. BTW. Love your painting room, I'm very jealous, all I have is part time access to to our dining table.
  17. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    I've always loved Wood Elves, and these Dryads are beautifully converted. The leaves really add to it, I particularly adore the willow trees and the root feet on the first model. Autumn themed army I assume?
  18. Jericho's Avatar
    I like the make up on these ladies. I think I might have to nick your idea for my Glade Guard, right now it takes a few seconds to figure out which one are men and which one are women. With Elves it's pretty had to tell unless you put some lipstick and/or eyeshadow on there. I really like this army, it encourages me to keep working on mine. Right now it's maybe 20 models away from being playable at the 1000-2000 point level. Just need to finish my Core units :)
  19. Jericho's Avatar
    I recommend you look up the Gnoblar Scraplauncher. It's probably the most fragile/prone to breaking model I've ever seen. When I worked at GW for 2 years we had one in the store army, it got broken almost every single time someone used it. Big heavy model with tons of thin, awkward parts stuck to the top. Good idea GW :Þ

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