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  1. Week 4: I finish a unit of crypt ghouls!

    Week four has come to an end and I've just about managed to complete my first unit of Crpyt ghouls.

    I have not yet assembled a ghast, but that will come how I've decided I want to model the blighter. I've been playing with ideas around some of the old Mordheim figures, or following Games Workshops lead and converting up a empire flagellant. I have a few from my empire army.

    I have tried to combine a few on this base to make casualty removal a bit easier. The rock ...
  2. Week 3: A go at Crypt ghouls

    After spending the first two weeks with Chaos warhounds I thought that it was time to try my hand with a little Vampire Counts. Cypt ghouls feature in both of my vampire counts armies, so the logical conclusion was to have a go at them.
    The Vampire counts book states that these are living creatures and that "their skin is dark and filthy, their eyes bestial and insane, and their snarling lips reveal sharp pointed teeth". I therefore decided that I wanted these figures to look as if ...
  3. Week 2: Another 5 warhounds

    Ok, end of the second week and I have completed another 5 warhounds. This counts as another 40 painting points (each model is worth its unit strength squared in points) and places me 8 points ahead of schedule. I have a feeling I might need these points in hand at some point.I I have used the same technique on these as on the previous 5 warhounds, but have slightly changed the brown recipe. These are scorched brown to beastial brown, to a mix of dwarf flesh and beastial brown. The fur ...
  4. Week 1: 5 Chaos warhounds

    Week one is over and I have completed 5 chaos warhounds.

    This counts as 20 painting points [a model is worth its unit strength squared in points]. This is ahead of the number required to meet the deadline for the year (16 per week). So far so good.

    Amazingly this already counts as 8% of one of the Warriors of Chaos armies.
    The warhounds required a lot more greenstuff than I would have liked especially at the top of the head. Without this work they would look like they ...
  5. This years plan

    OK; its time to decide what I want to do in 2010. To this end I asked a friend of mine to pull together a 2000 point list for me for an army that would be competitive. He outdid himself and produced five lists. I liked the look of them and have decided that I would like to have a go at painting up four of the lists in a year. Two Vampire counts and two Warriors of Chaos armies (one of which is just for fun). Therefore I need to buy, assemble and paint the following…1 Vampire Lord, 1 ...
  6. Warrior priest finished for those that want to look

    For the past two weeks I have been building and painting an entry for the CMON members unit competition. I though it would be fun and give me a chance to paint somthing a little different.I am quite please with the composition, but the colours do not hang togetheras well as I had hoped. Your thoughts (as always) are very welcome. 
  7. WIP update: Comments always welcome.

       Christmas lasted far longer than expected, and then (as always) I have managed to get myself distracted. I have been working on the CMON unite project for the last couple of weeks and the latest WIPs are shown here. I still need to work on the base and repaint some little bits. I have a week to finish it and so comments and/or advice are very welcome. The theme is after the battle and I have decided to go for the priest "healing" the enemy injured. I removed the shield and ...
  8. Santa Claus leaves town....

    Off this weekend to deliver presents to relatives I will not be seeing over the holiday period, so there will be no updates and probably no modeling over the weekend.I am taking some sprues, a knife, glue and greenstuff, but would be supprised if I get a chance to use them. Last night I painted up the glade guard musicians hair and horn. Unfortunetly no photo's I'm afraid.
  9. tanking it up

    The rebuild of the steam tank is now starting to gather a little pace. I spent last night greenstuffing the joins between the components. Why do parts never go back as easily as the first time you build them.I have also found the exhaust cover for the chimney, so have started painting this up....Looking at the photo, maybe I need to add a little more white!No painting tonight, I have two 1500 point games arranged at my gaming club.All the best...
  10. Choir singing when the voice starts to break.

    No painting last night, because I paid a visit to our local Cathedral to listern to my two boys sing in the school Carol servive.Very nice it was, but I think that the teachers were having a little joke with some of the lads. My eldest is 14 now, and his voice has mostly broken. He and his male classmates were made to sing a song that was mostly low but with some high notes. The audience held their breath as they started and as the reaslisation spread of what was about to happen. It went great throughout ...
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