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  1. It gets worse before it gets better

    After successfully sacrificing itself to save the remaining empire army when the shelf fell in my cabinet, I thought I owed it to its crew to attempt to put it back to gether again.Therefore most of yesrday was spent taking apart and reassembling this huge hunk of metal. I had originally assembled it without the turret and with a hellblaster cannon as its main cannon, because I could in the old version of the rules and because it was funny to have a steam tank running around with a killing machine ...
  2. Need more nails

    I have recently brought myself a cabinet to keep my figures safe. With the figures only 28mm high I decided it might be a good ide to add more shelves. So I had three glass shelves cut to size and added brackets using a well known glue product. Last night whilst watching telly I heard a crash from the back room.You guessed it the shelf gave way and the shelf and my demonhunters and blood bowl figures had landed on my poor old steam tank.Guess this is now the fourth time I'm going to have to try ...
  3. Friday going slow so I started a blog.

    First lets start by explaining why I have started a blog.I am a chap who enjoys painting, and looks for games as an excuse to paint. Don't get me wrong, I love playing games, but I love painting more!The purpose of this blog is to encourage me to complete one of the many projects that I have started.I started a wood elf army in the summer of 2006 and managed to paint a Treeman and a unit of Dryads. The Treeman especially took far longer than expected and I managed to get distracted. I have since ...
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