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  1. More tanks

    In a desperate attempt to expand my eldar army I painted couple of table top wave serpents to house my  Dire avengers and howling banshees. Here are some pictures from a recent megabattle of the forces of Order against, you might've guess - the forces of Chaos where my Eldars attempted to hold a ruined city.
    Facing the Great Unclean One. Looked scary but this poor dear got killed about 3 minutes later. The lower wave serpent is old, the upper one is new. 

    A random ...
  2. NYC Demon in the City 2011

  3. Metallic metall #1 - Forge World Boarding Marine

    This is  Forge World Games Day 2011 model painted with metallic paints. I am reasonably proficient (I so I thought) in painting rusty bashed up metal but I never tried to paint  new and unspoiled one. So after getting a suitable model and reading Automaton's tutorial on painting metal I produced this one

    It is painted with GW Mithril silver and boldtgun metal paints and shaded with thin glazes of Coal black (P3), Black Red (Vallejo model), Black green (Vallejo ...
  4. Grumlock and Gazbag, GW pictures from Games day Chicago 2011

    My attempts to make good pictures of this mini never really worked, you can the result in my gallery. So, here is pictures taken by GW, which a much better than mine. Now, I spent some time during the last GD in Chicago actually looking how they do it and I think that maybe I position my light sources incorrectly. Nevertheless here is GW version.

  5. Scott Brandt strikes again - Da Suppa Mega Bomma

    Another year have passed and Scott completed another immence secret project - Da Suppa Mega Bomma. Here is the full view sans the forwardward gun and a close up on a cockpit. People visitin Games Day will be able to see this monster in all its glory at the 40K conversion competition. Unfortunately, it cannot fly

  6. Something wicked this way comes

    First dry fit. Lots of things need to be  adjusted still.
  7. Celtic and pseudo-Celtic patterns

    I am not sure whether these exercises of mine warrant writing and article but may be some ideas here will be helpful to people designing their own patterns. Anyway, questions? Comments?

  8. Baltimore Golden Demon 2010 coverage

    Good morning, folks!
    We got back from Baltimore yesterday, about 12 am. This year GD was much more impressive, representative and intense that the one before it. Competition was pretty fierce albeight uneven in several categories. As usually, 40K single, Fantasy single and (this year) LOTR single were incredibly intense with multiple very strong entries by several top painters. More unusually, 40K vehicle, 40K squad, 40K Large, Large and Open were well represented and high quality as well. ...
  9. Ork landship - final update.

    This is the final update on Scott's creation. Whoever attends the Games day will have a chance to meet this (and Scott) face to face. In the final push over the last two weeks Scott removed all FW elements from the boat to avoid pottential rule conflicts added crew (well, just the kaptin and his pet for now). THe Ship awaits its name! Any suggestions?

  10. Ork Land Ship

    Over the last year I have being seeing this orkish creation being build almost every Saturday.. Finally, Scott Brandt, who single-handedly designed and build this juggernaut incarnate, allowed me to take some pictures. The land ship is propelled by twin-baneblade chassis and contain parts from several stompas. Masts and sails are reinforced by metal rods and could be removed for transportation. Boarding "axe" and forward megacannon are not attached yet. There will be about a dozen upper-deck cannons ...
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