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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Hehe, There was a women at the Games Day who apparently worked for Sikorsky, you know helicopters and all that. She said that they boys from Boeing,who apparently were running around as well, would love to see that model :)
  2. No Such Agency's Avatar
    My lord that is big. And very orky! I was going to make some kind of snarky comment about the overlapping propeller arcs being bad airplane design... but a quick Google search says it's not uncommon.
  3. No Such Agency's Avatar
    It's suitably "blighty" with a lovely mix of corrosions, patinas and rusts. Nice corroded industrial base as well.
  4. horrid's Avatar
    Very concise article. I'll be printing a copy and posting it in my paint area when I take a stab at knot work. The painted example along with your drawings is easily the best explanation I've come across on the web. I'm not a fan of the coat of arms though. Because your line work on the the trim is so clean it really hurts the composition. The edges are crisp and fluid while the coat is just too busy. Porportions on the animals head are kind of wonky and the knot work in the interior muddles it further. I really hope this comes across as constructive rather than scathing because you impressed me and taught me a technique I don't have much ability in.
  5. Kretcher's Avatar
    I believe that you should get this into the article section as it is. Very nice tutorial and I belive it will help a lot of people out there.

    Nice work. Now I only need to find a figure to practise on.
  6. Dave's Avatar
    Sounds great Yurii
  7. lazyminis's Avatar
    Waaagh the fung !?
  8. lazyminis's Avatar
    Damn, you made me want to try reaper MS paints !! Really rich skintones you paint, sir.

    BTW, NoSuchAgency happens to be everywhere but @ his blog...
  9. Scott's Avatar
    Hey Larry, Thanks for the complements. The nut and bolt endings are part of the paneling from various GW kits. the piping on the back is from stompas and Manufactorum kits. All the other stuff is made of Imperial Guard tank barrels and the masts are hand cut bits around brass tubes (very strong to hold the sails)
  10. skeeve's Avatar
    Scott won Games day Baltimore 2010 vehicle conversion competition with this boat. Congratulations!
  11. Scott's Avatar
    Did you see which regiments made first cut? They put it up and took it down too fast for me to see and I'm trying to find out whether or not my Skaven regiment made it. Thanks
  12. Scott's Avatar
    My inspiration was from many sources. When I was a kid there was an airbrush painting of a three mast ship on long ice blades crossing a frozen lake. The movie "Barbarella" had a land ship. Star Wars had the sand crawler. I love Spanish Galleons and tanks, so why not bring the two together! Working with Orks opens up a whole world (or universe) of creativity. I love seeing the conversion work that people do and hope people enjoy my work as well.
  13. Gilvan Blight's Avatar
    Wow. That is very impressive!
  14. Tinweasel's Avatar
    Hey, that's great! I, too, love the crackled paint finish and the burning purity seals and such. Very inspiring and excellently executed!
  15. supervike's Avatar
    Skeeve, that is absolutely amazing. The crackling armor is brilliant. I've yet to paint my Space Hulk minis, but yours is certainly the inspiration I need!
  16. Observer's Avatar
    I like the runes and the head. His hair and eyes are incredible!
  17. supervike's Avatar
    That is fantastic Skeeve! Just love it. Almost inspires me to paint my own, but I know I'll just be disappointed. Well done!
  18. skeeve's Avatar
    It is metal, indeed. There several museums of modern art and specifically, modern sculpture in Washington. These, are in the sculpture garden that belongs to the National Art Gallery. I need some time to process all pictures I took there but as soon as I'am done I will post the link.
  19. Observer's Avatar
    Необычно. Из металла, насколько я понимаю. Что это за памятник или действительно Древо Гондора? ;)
  20. skeeve's Avatar
    See that's the thing. When it happened I wasn't there. I took Eldar avatar and Grumlok with me. Zach, on the other hand took 6 or 7 minis with him.
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