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  1. Freehand woes

    Once again I stuck with freehand painting. Here is the dilemma. When you free paint on minies whatever you do amount to small detail, right? So the size and the quality of brush tip are really important. Now, If you take very small brush, say 000 or even smaller the amount of paint it can hold is very small so it dries very fast. If you take a bigger brush the tip isn’t fine enough. So, I settled for long kolinsky liners. BUT….. Problem with them that paint doesn’t dry on ...
  2. New High elf mage kit is great to make Eldar HQs

    Looks like this blog  become more or less a weekly activity, unless I decide to start commenting on primaries (don’t fret I will not succumb to THAT temtation). I grew tired of my elders, or rather of the pressure to make a 2000 points army out of them so for the last couple of month I am trying to avoid them. Meanwhile, I fall in love with new high elfs and started to build/paint the mage on foot. However, I couldn’t resist and started converting him here and there. For example ...
  3. NYC Demon in the city - post factum

    Since I was unable to attend all I have are rumors and what remained on display on January, 2nd in GW store at 8th street in Manhattan. My general feeling is that the organizational gaffes I was complaining about too weeks ago had exactly the predicted effect. There were about 45 entries (120 last year) with only 1 of them that came from outside an immediate store service area. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me so I don’t have pictures. I might try to visit the place once ...
  4. Tank reference pictures - some are rather "unusual"

    I spent some time yesterday looking for reference pictures of tanks in various state of demise. Found several, some sad some funny but all unusual. Anyway, may be somebody find them useful Tank GaveyardGet off your cell phone and drive !Flying tankTank ... in pink 
  5. New Chaos Spawn - Done

    I am done with this guy. Comments are appreciated or you can just vote when it is up on COMON, but comments are better.
  6. New Chaos Spawn (a lot of pictures) - WIP

    Well, It's a spawn, enough said. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated   
  7. New York Daemon in the City - 2007

    Official Portion: This year our city-wide painting competition will take place on December 30th. For each of the game (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy and Lord of the Rings) there will be two categories – Single Model and Group/Large model along with the open category for Dioramas and Extremely large models. There is even a category for Youngbloods. Model must be received at GW Greenwich Village (54 East 8th Street, 212-982-6314) by 3 PM and the awards will be announced at 5 PM on ...
  8. Reaper Master Paints

    I am probably preaching to converted but for the last week I was painting exclusively with Reaper Master series paints so here it goes. I discovered this paints about a year ago, mainly because they are locally available in the place I often visit yet with the exception of black brush-on primer I never used them. They come in dropper bottles that are slightly smaller then Vallejo (14-15 ml instead of 17). What you immediately notice that overall concept of this line is developed with a lazy painter ...
  9. New project - finished base

    Before I disapear for Thanksgiving (what a waste of time, and I hoped I will be able to paint...). Here is an update of my spawn project. The base is almost finished, I probably will add some highlights on rats but later... when i get back from this "vacation".
  10. The chicken of doom

    It is just the final rendition of my chaos spawn. I finally got some time to sit down and process all these images I took some time ago. 
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