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  1. NYC Demon in the City.

    This year NYC Demon in the City miniature painting competition will take place on Novemebr 6th during GW Greenwich Village Birthday celebration.
    Entrants will be competing in 5 categories:
    1) Single Miniature – a single miniature on up to 40 mm base from Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Necromunda, Mordheim, Blood Bowl or LoTR ranges
    2) Large Models/vehicles – a large model on 60mm+ base
    3) Group/squad – any game legal squad, regiment or any other appropriately ...
  2. Storm In New York

    Now, after I moved out of Missoury I haven't seen anything like this.It last whole 10 minutes. In the end we had multiple downed tree, damaged cars and buildings. There are streets in Queens that have not a single tree standing. I was driving through this storm yesterday to pick up my daughter from school. A tree hit their building and broke some windows in gym.
    Here are some pictures, some of them were taken yesterday, some this morning.
  3. Baltimore Golden Demon 2010 coverage

    Good morning, folks!
    We got back from Baltimore yesterday, about 12 am. This year GD was much more impressive, representative and intense that the one before it. Competition was pretty fierce albeight uneven in several categories. As usually, 40K single, Fantasy single and (this year) LOTR single were incredibly intense with multiple very strong entries by several top painters. More unusually, 40K vehicle, 40K squad, 40K Large, Large and Open were well represented and high quality as well. ...
  4. Ork landship - final update.

    This is the final update on Scott's creation. Whoever attends the Games day will have a chance to meet this (and Scott) face to face. In the final push over the last two weeks Scott removed all FW elements from the boat to avoid pottential rule conflicts added crew (well, just the kaptin and his pet for now). THe Ship awaits its name! Any suggestions?

  5. Ork Land Ship

    Over the last year I have being seeing this orkish creation being build almost every Saturday.. Finally, Scott Brandt, who single-handedly designed and build this juggernaut incarnate, allowed me to take some pictures. The land ship is propelled by twin-baneblade chassis and contain parts from several stompas. Masts and sails are reinforced by metal rods and could be removed for transportation. Boarding "axe" and forward megacannon are not attached yet. There will be about a dozen upper-deck cannons ...
  6. Space Hulk - Brother Zael (Heavy flamer)

    Another one. Here I attempted for the first time an extensive surface conversion. Part of the helmet, breastplate and shoulder pad were removed and replaced by crackling armor. Burning trinckets were added on the flamer side.The flamer was painted using MIG metallic pigments (also something new for me).

  7. Ian's Auction 'O Doom. May 1st at NYC GW

    As promised, here is the catalogue of painted miniature auction that will take place rain or shine next Saturday, May 1st. If you have any question PM me or call Games Workshop NYC at 212-982-6314.

  8. Bizarre Bazaar at NYC Games Workshop on 8th street

    Bizarre Bazaar at NYC Games Workshop on 8th street!
    Sturday, MAY 1st is the time when New York GW store on 8th street hold an (semi)annual Bizarre Bazaar! During this even you can sell (or buy!) your most unwanted miniature in the store. This is a great opportunity to unload miniatures that you don’t need and may be, if you are lucky, to buy that rare gem you always wanted but could never find.
    This year, however, there will be MORE! At 2 pm on this day The Crazy Ian’s ...
  9. USA Games Day 2011... Memphis?

    Interesting rumors have been circulating lately both on the internet and in person-to-person communications.
    The rumors had it for a while that GW North America is moving its HQ from Baltimore to Memphis, Tennessee, where they already have major production/distribution facilities.
    Couple of weeks ago our local manager suggested that the move of the HQ to Memphis is a distinct possibility. From business point of view it makes sense: Memphis is cheaper then Baltimore and they have ...
  10. Space wolf terminator - WIP

    Letelly, most of my minies stays in WIP state for ages. There is a stimul to finish this one though for it is sort of a commission. Originally this mini was concieved as a lone wolf. Coincidentally, at the time I was reading some 40K book that included detailed description of the Space Wolf 13th company. The idea of fighting for 10000 years in extremely unsanitary conditions sounded so appealing that I decided to try it out, or rather to try to paint it.

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