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  1. Some seriously weatherd military hardware

    During my recent trip to the Berkshire mountain (pictures for this will have to wait till album editing is fixed) we visited the Watervliet Arsenal in Albany. This is an active installation that has an interesting artillery museum. So, after filling some forms and getting tags we got inside. Next to the museum building there were several pieces of military hardware that was in rather worn out state. I figured ...
  2. Attempt at calligraphy

    A commissioner requested to put some lettering on his inquisitorial land raider, you know basic litanies to the emperor, some chapter name and such. Being given little specifics , or rather free rein I figured I will try it all in what people know as "Gothic". To make life a bit simpler I went for the simplest version of "black letters". Here is the result.   Text is rather crude translation into Latin, I am sure people who know the language will be terrified, ...
  3. Blight Drone, update

    Between my calligraphy project (will post on this soon) and newly emerging Space Hulk I find some time to work on the blight drone. THis is the result of one intense Saturday - finished gun and moved forward with the skin.Skin on this model is rather difficult to paint because , as will many FW models, it is highly textured.Anyway here is the result 
  4. Blight Drone - painting rust

    1) Prime white
    2) Several layers of very dilute GW tin bits until you get solid coverage
    3) Then the frontal portion and sharp edges were picked up with VMC copper, blended into tin bits by series of metallic “washes” with either VMC copper or GW tin bits to get a smooth transition. Those who don’t have VMC Copper can use GW dwarf bronze.
    4) At this point the “basecoat” is done. To make it less shiny I glazed everything with VMC Smoke diluted ~ 1:3. ...
  5. Blight Drone WIP

    I started to work on the blight drone and I hope that it will not be another year-long project. Fortunately at the moment I have no painting commitments and as usually I am willing to experiment.  Here, I figured that I don't want to make carapace traditionally nurgly pale green but rather try an unadorned and seriously corroded copper or bronze. Both have the same patter of corrosion, although copper is more spectacular. In my later entries I might post sort of tutorial of how it was ...
  6. Age of reckoning limited warboss- Grumlok and Gazbag

    After mucho delays I finished this guy. I am using unfamiliar camera so pardon my quality. One rather obvious problem is a lot of noise - all these small white dots all over the place - they did not come from the miniature.  Comments, questions and opinions are always appreciated
  7. Mniature :)

    For the last three weeks I didn't paint anything at all, my work got into that phase where I had to spend all available time between writing and training our summer student (this is separate piece of work but I'd rather not go there to avoid early Ulcer .Around 4th of July I figured that mind is a terrible thing to lose and if I have to write something I can as well do it in a more calm environment then NYC, so I went upstate and spend two days there pretending to be writing (did too, really really). ...
  8. Exalted hero of Nurgle

    Conversion based on Games day 2009 model as it was 2 weeks ago
  9. Redemption of Boromir

    Completed. This is my first LOTR miniature painted to any meaningful standards      
  10. Nurglings in a slightly despoiled forest

    Quick WIP shot. Base with Nurglings. I had lot's of fun painting them. THe picture was taken with a single light source so the shadows came out harsher then in reality 
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