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  1. GW closes stores in New York

    Well, we saw it coming but still it is sad. We were fortunate to have 4! stores in New York. The first one was closed about a month ago. Another one, on Upper East side will have their last day on November 18th. They will be holding farewell event there on that day, so I think those who live in NYC and play the game should visit, I am sure that they make it worth your while . As for my store (Austin street) we don't know yet when they close it but the sign that this property is available for ...
  2. Apocalyptic battle

    This is the second (?) apocalyptic battle played in our local GW store. This time our major eldar army was not present so what you see here is a battle of Xenos alliance (Chaos + tyranids + orks) against Imperial Scum. The Xenos alliance was outpointing the Imperials by almost 1000 points , but Imperials had two Bainblades (that proved to be exceptionally useless) and 6 choices of strategic/ tactical assets including minefields (that proved to be useless as well), several versions of bombardments ...
  3. Interesting miniature Store

    While being temporarily banished to Albany I stumbled upon great store here. The name of the place is Zombie Planet and it is located at 1238 Central Ave. This place sells miniatures from a number of major lines GW, Epic, Gothic, D&D, Reaper Racham, privateer press and so on and so forth. What was really exciting is that they carry  a number of major paint lines under the same roof - GW, vallejo, both model and game lines; Reaper - both Pro and MAster, and Oh Joy P3!!!. This is actually ...
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