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  1. Games Day Baltimore 2009 Demon Lounge

  2. Nurglings in a slightly despoiled forest

    Quick WIP shot. Base with Nurglings. I had lot's of fun painting them. THe picture was taken with a single light source so the shadows came out harsher then in reality 
  3. Textured rust

    As in subj. Small tutorial on textured rust.  Comments on this one is really appreciated   I am using an axe hand of the Exalted hero games day 2009 model to demonstrate my way of texturing and painting rust. My conversion of this model is on the right. I am painting this model as a Nurgle hero therefore it is not meant to look pretty As usually I am priming everything white using GW White primer. I am not sure whether this step is really necessary since the ...
  4. Actually, I still paint from time to time :)

    Although not nearly as much as I would like lately. This is rather obsolete WIP picture of a nearly dead Boromir. Besides everything else this is my first LOTR mini in about 4 years. Ignore arrows, After taking this picture I realized how much out of scale they are and removed them     
  5. New York Demon In The City 2009

    This year New York City wide miniature painting competition will take place on January 31th. Entrants will be competing in 6 categories: 1) Single Miniature – a single miniature on up to 40 mm base from Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Necromunda, Mordheim or LoTR ranges 2) Large Models/vehicles – a large model on 60mm+ base 3) Group – any game legal squad, regiment or any other appropriately named group of fighters. 4) Duel – two people fighting ...
  6. Forge world Avatar - poor Yorick pattern :)

         Over Christmas I finally found some time to ties everything together assemble and paint what needs to be painted. The only thing left is the loincloth and, I think, I have pretty good idea what I want to do with it. I tried several things on this model that I’ve never attempted before, including some sculpting that is more complicated then filling joints - Look at his helmet, for examples, and the dead CSM – too bad GW now came out with space marine casualties ...
  7. O! The Warstore now sells Microart Studios bases

    Now, I usually do not advertise things mainly because it is rather difficult to excite me enough, but this is rather unexpected so.... The Warstore ( carries apparently almost everything Micro Art Studious have to offer including all of their amazing bases at very afordable price. Certainly, no more shipping from Europe
    Here is the link
  8. My "other" workbench, well, almost

     Somebody took a picture of my workbench (well almost my). It look chaotic and picturesque enough and has enough of "mad scientist" feel  to be here. Two mice are recent addition after we figured that we fully qualified as a "mouse lab".
  9. FW avatar (update)

     Well, I am not dead just yet. That was a long time without updates. This last month was very busy and no, it had nothing to do with elections. No fun for me , although at some point I seriously considered going back to Missouri. Well, I finally found some time and worked on my avatar. I am sure realism-lovers will find it disgustingly unrealistic so there, it is -!.
  10. 100,000

    I would like to thank  all these 100,000 people, bots, search engines and little green aliens who found it interesting and worthy to stop by and take a look
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