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  1. Black ork warboss from AOW- updated image

    Updated WIP here I consider it done. Nothing spectacular but as a decent tabletop will do. you can see it here
  2. updated bug

    Updated pictures of the zoanthrop. After my wife brought the camera  back from China most of the setingsa were messed up (or shall we say adjusted to suite the purpose of my wife rather then mine ))Anyway after coaxing this camera for couple of hours I think I restored everything to pre-China level. So here is the picture of my updated zoanthrop. Posibbly I am deluding myself but it seems to be better then what I took before
  3. Black ork warboss from AOW-

    For the last week I was painting this guy. Comments are, as usually, very much appreciated. My personal issue here is the metallic on his armor and the color of dead heads on his back. In hindsight I should've painted him all red the same way I painted gauntlets but it is somewhat too late now. As for the heads… not sure, probably one or two purple wash with rehighlighting with something white…  and finally, completed. Not sure why it took me so long to put it up   ...
  4. end of summer

    I hate this time of the year... having 3 people in the family who are either go to school or teach makes one very stressful end of summer... I was always wondering who come up with this briliant idea that all schools and colleges have to start on different days.... and why two different schools in the same city require different set of papers, forms and medical requirements.... Oh well, I am supposed I am just whining and trying to find an excuse to why I am not painting anything at the moment. ...
  5. New WIP Album - large fortress

    Just added new WIP album with pictures of a large fortress that I am slowly building. Comments are more then welcome. I got to admit this is my first project on THAT scale and I am building it slower then I would want to but it is getting can see it here 
  6. Got my camera back

    Here is my attempt at tyranids. Some more or less random Zoanthrop

  7. The joy of matte medium

    So, I decided to nail down my glazing that for quite some time was rather inconsistent. Plus, need to paint 30 dire avengers was also stimulating.  Anyway long story short. I used to use Liquitex glaze medium that did the job yet always created intense shining coat (Dude! can you read? It is GLAZE medium, stupid). So, today I tried matte medium from liquitex. Well, not only the shine is no more, my feeling is that the final result is much better as well. Whenever, I get my camera back I'll ...
  8. Another album added

    It is nice to have vacation. Just added another album and also figured how to configure the layout of albums. Too bad Firefox doesn't like my template. Things are still readable but slightly garbled when you visit the page for the first time. So this is my "Arcane" stuff 
  9. Green Banshee squad - WIP and not so WIP pictures

    Tried to make my first album. I got to admit that from the first try the intrface feels a bit clunky and I with I could actually put thumbnails into 1 column rather then in 2, but here it goes.
    This is my green banshee squad that got HM at Baltimore in 2007
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