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  1. PegaZus's Avatar
    Though not an orc, thought you might be interested in the orange goblin I did a while back when first starting out painting:
  2. Bill's Avatar
    My website's been up for nearly a year and I've had about 1650 views :P
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    Today I was very close to killing my tech.. who in a span of two day managed to waste about $2000 of taxpayers money and about week and a half of my time, which also could be translated into certain amount of taxpayers money and all of this because the date that was ACTUALLY on a tube was... shall we put it mildly... ignored.... God... I think I vented
  4. Sukigod's Avatar
    Amen, Brother!

    Must be the military training about being aware - I used to assume it was common sense.
  5. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    Couldn't tell ya about the UK, I live in Virginia.
  6. wiccanpony's Avatar
    He'll be happier for it...... what age do they neuter puppies in the UK?? Over here they can do it as young as 8 weeks... it use to be at age 6 months but the procedure has improved over time.

    Congratulations for being a responsible pet owner.
  7. skeeve's Avatar
    Do I find this surprising? No, Not really.
    Read all about it :), and situation in UK isn't much better, in many aspects it is worse.
  8. Thunderhawker's Avatar
    Good call NSA. Heard from him today and he says he will be sending ont he 22nd. ALl I need then is the go ahead from Lahatiel and all is good to go.
  9. No Such Agency's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry, I don't think a flagged participant has ever shirked out yet. I don't even know if there was ever a non-sending incident at all or if misterjustin is just being cautious.
  10. wiccanpony's Avatar
    LOL...... all puppies seem to have tea cup bladders and if his Vet says Ollie is healthy then it’s just a matter of time and training.

    The pup will need to “tinkle” right after eating, and I found with my dogs that letting them out every hour until the idea of peeing outdoors is fixed in their mind.

    When I’m out for a few hours I put them in the bathroom with a puppy gate up, easier to clean in case of an accident. Also try making the task pleasant for the little guy, when he pees outside reward him with a treat.

    When cleaning the mess in the dinning room wipe the spot with a rag dampen with vinegar to break up the smell, because dogs like to wee in the same area thinking it’s their personal bathroom.

    8 weeks.....he’s just a baby

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