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  1. Some Updated CMON Entries

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I posted some updated shots of some models from last year. I got to re-shoot a few photos to submit them for the CMON Annual 2008, and figured this was a good opportunity to get some updated shots uploaded.The Warrior Priest and Master of the Fleet had some extra work done to them last year before I entered them in GD Canada. I never got around to posting pics of the updated models until now. I also included some bigger and better shots of Nazgrub, ...
  2. Speed-painted Jedi/Wizard

    Slight exaggeration, but the influence on the color scheme is undeniable :-) I made him with the Empire Wizards kit, and he's painted in generic colors to match Shiekh Yadosh and so that I can justify him knowing different spell lores from one game to another. My favorite thing about the model? The fact that I painted him in under 3 hours! 2:53 to be precise, I got bored and timed myself with my iPhone stopwatch.
  3. Chaos death puppies

    Nothing fancy, but they're done I think. I might go back and blend the skin a bit if I have time at the end of the project, but the priority is getting the next 54 models finished :-)
  4. A finished model?! No friggin way!

    In what's pretty typical for me, I broke away from the assembly line after a few hours and took a couple of models much further than the rest. One of them, a rank and file model, I fully completed to see how the color scheme would work out in the end. I'm pretty happy with the guy, especially when you consider the unit went from primer black to this stage in a single sitting.It's definitely a speed-painting job, which I normally don't do, but honestly I'm adding models to an army that I started ...
  5. Ork Prospektor up for votes

    Like the title says, I've now got the Nazgrub model up for voting. Thanks for the votes and comments so far, it's good to hear people like him! Click here if you want to vote.
  6. GD Canada in less than 24 hours!

    It's pretty crazy, but Games Day is this Saturday. I feel pretty good about what I'm bringing down. Sadly the Dragon couldn't make the trip, it was taking damage from my last minute transportation attempts. As far as entries go, I'll be taking down Arwen, my Blood Ravens captain, Warrior Priest, and a couple of random regiments from my gaming collection will be entered in the Squad/Regiment categories. All those have been seen already. But this guy is new! When I get back home I'll post a ton ...
  7. Sisters of Battle test figure

    Hey guys, been a while since I updated anything. I was a bit burned out after finals/term papers at the end of the semester, and have spent most of my time sleeping, playing video games and trying to get back in shape rather than painting. Re-doing my bedroom had something to do with it as well, I no longer have the space for both a computer desk and a painting desk. I'm currently experimenting with a computer desk buried in hobby supplies, time will tell if this solution can work.This is the ...
  8. Finished Arwen model

    Hooray, I finally got pics of my finished Arwen model up. Do the vote thing here. Apparently the blog doesn't like it when I link images beyond about 550 pixels wide. I'll try to remember that so the formatting doesn't get screwed up
  9. Master of the Fleet finally finished!

    Woohoo, finally finished! He's now known as Agrippa, Captain of IV Company and Master of the Fleet. His shin guard says "Classis" on it, which is Latin for fleet. Can't see it so good in the pics. You can vote for him here.Overall I'm really happy with him, with the exception of the freehand. The lettering didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but then I was fighting with a new 000 brush, it had one hair too long and it was cocking it all up good. Had to trim the one hair with ...
  10. Sisters of Twilight on Ceithin-Har... he's the dragon

    Just for you Skeeve.And who ever said peer pressure was a bad thing? Now I've got a dragon that's actually finished and matches the rest of my army properly. I should've put the couple of hours in to finish this model ages ago. If you want to vote for this model, linkage.
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