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  1. Still not dead (yet)

    It's funny how often I make posts of this nature, but no worries boys and girls I'm still around :-)Haven't been doing too much painting lately, or gaming for that matter. I'm working (slowly) on my classic Dwarf army, trying to get them all build and primed so I don't feel like quite as much of a hobo when I play small games with them. The current list involves about 2x10 Quarrellers, 20 Ironbreakers, and a smattering of war machines and small support units.I'm currently still trying to get my ...
  2. Games Day rocked my socks off

    Hey guys, I'll be home tonight so I can post some pics and stuff later. But for now, I'll just say how much fun I had in Toronto, and at Games Day. Met some cool people, got some cool swag, had an awesome visit with my old friend Jay Griffiths (head of retail Canada), and walked away with 4 trophies.The Ork got gold in 40k single, which I was amazed to learn. That was one tough category, with 13 extremely solid finalists. Some great models didn't see the podium. Arwen, my Warrior Priest ...
  3. Is it time for GD Canada already?!

    Wow, the last few days have been a blur. Tons of painting, and everything else hobby related trying to get ready for the Golden Demons. I've got a tiny bit of work I still want to do before I call my entries finished, but the main ones are all polished up and I'm happy about that. Packing the Dragon is still a concern! He/they might not make the trip if I can't find a way to get them on carry-on intact. Pics of the new models are forthcoming, I swear!At the event, I'll be wearing a bright green ...
  4. Mounted Daemonettes on eBay

    Just a quick blurb about my auction. I'm selling 8 of the lovely Juan Diaz mounted daemonettes right now. GW foolishly discontinued them right after releasing 2 army books that require the models. New models will hopefully be out within a year... in the mean time you can buy mine since I won't be playing Slaanesh any time soon!You can find them here. These models are all virgin pewter, 5 still in blisters and the other 3 are loose bare metal. They have never been built, painted or played with. Most ...
  5. Zomg I think I'm in trouble!

    It just dawned on me that I am leaving for Games Day in 9 days. I still haven't started my 40k Single entry (my "main" entry), and I haven't quite sorted which of my many many many almost finished painted minis to enter in the other categories. I have a ton of painting to do, I should really put away the gaming figs for a while!Lol I'm really good at keeping track of time aren't I? :-D
  6. Road trip weekend!

    Should be a wicked fun weekend. Tom (phesmic) and myself are driving down to Blackfalds to visit the legendary Glyn "Zaphod" Evans. He's so hip he has trouble seeing over his pelvis!Should be good times, we'll be judging a GROTS painting contest followed by some combination of guitars, alcohol and paint brushes. I'm looking forward to it, that's for sure. I might use the time to finish the Fallen Angel model I've had WIP for ages... the Sisters are already getting enough attention and ...
  7. How I spent my Sunday night

    Yep. Finals around the corner (Wednesday) and 3 term papers due in the next 10 days, and I spend my entire Sunday evening setting up my home theatre in a new room and with a new stand. I never want to strip a speaker wire ever again... but I will in a few days once I have somewhere to mount the rear speakers. Not looking forward to it.
  8. Another quickie

    Don't worry kids, it's not as dirty as it sounds. I'm still alive, and still occasionally sitting down and getting some work done. For the campaign I've had to build another 2 regiments, and once again my school work prevented me from doing any actual painting. 5 Glade Riders are 100% built and based, ready for primer. I've got to do another 4 Dryad conversions and then I'm good for 2000 points of Wood Elf goodness. Now all I gotta do is paint some mages and the last 3 Core units I've assembled, ...
  9. Sort of like an update

    Just thought I'd poke my head in the door to say something... I have been swamped with University stuff the last couple weeks and have barely picked up a brush this month. I found a bit of time to assemble and prime another dozen Glade Guard for the campaign, but that's about it. After I get some papers and stuff done this week I should be in reasonable shape for some painting the next little while. I would love to finish off some Core troops and paint up another Mage or two... and before too long ...
  10. Wood Elf campaign update

    Been a while since I mentioned the campaign specifically. I am happy to say that the Woodies have improved to 7-2. Additionally I claim a moral draw for one game against Dwarfs, since it would've been a draw instead of minor loss if we were using the correct bolt thrower rules (ie. not sniping my battle standard bearer). At any rate, I'm now one game away from potentially reclaiming first place in the campaign. I briefly held it, ie. for half a day on week two before I lost both games that week. ...
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