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Painting and Modelling

  1. Reading Material

    Just a quick note before I'm off to bed: if at all possible try to avoid reading Trainspotting on a deadline... I had to read half of it in one evening to allow me to get on with my research paper and it was not a fun experience. Decent enough book I suppose, but reading it is something of am uphill battle. Phonetic Scottish slang isn't the easiest thing in the world to read quickly.Anyway it's 2:18am and I have class at 10:00 so I'm gonna bugger off for a few days. Hopefully when I emerge from ...
  2. Another Master of the Fleet Update

    Probably the last update for a couple days at least, I'm really getting behind on schoolwork :PRemind me to stop trying to blend colors with Foundation Paints, it's a miserable experience. Orkhide Shade is the nicest green I've seen in ages but it's really painstaking trying to blend with it. The cloaks on these captains will be the death of me.
  3. Master of the Fleet Update

    Hey everybody, I had a second sitting with the Captain today, fairly brief but I think I settled my issues with the color scheme.Blood Ravens characters from the Dawn of War game had a lot of bronze/gold on them and I figured out how I want to do my HQ models now. From the elbow and knees down will be bronze, leaving the core of the model and the shoulder pads pretty much standard. Maybe I'll add a little bit of bronze to the backpacks as well, instead of having them just red and black.The little ...
  4. Master of the Fleet

    Back again, got a few hours of painting in today. Also did a lot of cleaning/arranging my desk which is nice... I think I can actually be productive now without so much clutter.Anyway I have pictures of the first model for the Blood Ravens, this guy is one of the new Masters of the Chapter models, the Master of the Fleet to be precise. Hopefully he'll turn out nice, I'm quite fond of the colors I've picked out for the army and I'm anxious to see how they turn out on both command and rank and file ...
  5. Fallen Angel Update

    Put in a few more hours of work today while staying up late and watching Beetlejuice on CBC. Awesome movie, I forgot how much I loved it as a kid Also just remembered that the Enter key on my Logitech G15 keyboard is broken. I popped the key off to check it out, and with modification I could convince the key to produce a backslash when depressed, but it won't function as the Enter key no matter what I do. I'm really at a loss here!Anyway here's some shots of the Fallen Angel, now that I've uploaded ...
  6. Time Travel Bad?

    Just watching a bit of TV again today when I should be studying (big shocker) and I think it's official. I might have to repeal or at least amend my previous views on time travel.I used to say that time travel was the worst thing to happen to TV shows. Star Trek Enterprise is a good example of this: cool concept, limitless universe of possibilities, but instead they fudge it all by starting the show with a temporal cold war... garbage! Almost as bad as alien Nazis and evil parallel universes... ...
  7. Current Projects

    Just a quick note about what I'm working on at the moment.Project 1 is a Fallen Angel, I've posted some progress shots on the forum already. Here's the latest:My other major project is the Battle Company mentioned in the sidebar there. My goal is to paint up a full 100-strong company of Blood Ravens to a high gaming standard. All of them will have converted/scenic bases using gravel, cork, plasticard, bitz and greenstuff. Pretty standard urban rubble.There will be a mix of running and static poses ...
  8. Nothing to see here

    ... Yet!I figured it was about time I tried to do another one of these things. I've got a lousy track record for updating websites, but I figure there's a good chance I'll keep this one alive because I'm on Coolmini on a regular basis. Here's hoping I'm right.Hopefully I'll have some sort of layout figured out soon. These templates always leave something to be desired
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