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  1. Space Orks and Eldar update

    I have done test models on space orks and they can be found from the Gallery. What do you think?
    We also assembled the Battlewagon and 5 Dire avengers. Also we started working on the Wave serpent. More coming...
  2. What glue to use?

    I just ran out of glue! Months without doing anything and finally I manage to get a night off and what's the result? I find all my glue bottles dried up....
    Ok so it's time to get some new, any tips on a specific brand? GW glue is quite steep, but it's ok quality.
    I'm looking for Supeglue and Plastic ones.
  3. Eldar and Ork

    Ok we are starting a small 40k armies with our family.
    Our daughter has chosen Eldar and Our son has chosen Orks. Eldar chose battleforce and Orks bought 2 startersets + Battlewagon.
    Stay tuned what's coming

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