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Hi, my names Alex, i'm 15 years old and i live in Derby , UK. I've been painting for round 4 years, i started off with airfix kits, then i got into GW through their LOTR collection, which i then descovered where very poor minis, and obveously the best thing on the market were space marines. Well a few years on, i'm still a huge fan of the imperium, but have now branched out into all aspects of GW minatures. =) CMON rules!

  1. Warrior preist/ 1/12/07

    Ok, so i havent got up to much today,ive done about 3 hours revision for some GCSE mock exams in a few weeks, and i did a bit of homework. Hopefully tonight i will be able to get some painting done. I'm thinking of filming this project and putting it on youtube, mainly to test the camera but also because my parents lost out digi camera. The camcorder can focus up to 5cm so its pretty good for "WIP" films.Might post again later, we will see.Alex.
  2. Rant about GW

     Abuse. I may be young and naive but! but!, i do know what respect is. Today when going to the gw store, i met a GW staffer who was on a transfer because the regular staffers were ill. He seemed a nice enough guy, but when i sat at the modeling table, i soon found that he was a GW brainwashed zombie. When rumaging through my paints, i seleced a vallejo white, straight away he was breathing down my neck, ranting about getting paint in my eye...??!? WTF! what kind of a retard did he think i was? ...
  3. First blog 30/11/07

    Been very busy this week, lots of revision for GCSE mock exams in December. Not had a chance to get up to much painting. I made a start on a new high elf wizard for my brother (little does he know this will be his only xmas present). I put the finishing toutches to Grimgor Ironhide, which i had been painting for a while. I also made a start on a large base for an Inquisitor minature i'm going to purchasce. I'm thinking of going to GW Derby today, as i have the day off, i'm thinking of picking up ...

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