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  1. Thecadian's Avatar
    Wow they used the 'know whats in the paints' thing on me!

    just that it was with my old airfix glue not paints. I don't know what my GW would say if i used other companies stuff.
  2. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    I do believe the master series brushes are rebranded series 7, anyway.
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    You know it is amazing how a specific stuffer can make it or break it... I figured it is in UK but it seems they have too many customers over there. I regularly paint in my GW store (pretty much every Saturday). I use mostly Vallejo and now apparently Reaper :) and I do it with W&N series 7. Not only they don't mind (although they constantly joke about heretical paints) they also often use me as a local advertising of a painting side of the hobby. Granted, if somebody ask me I can immediately switch to store GW paint and show them whatever they want to see. I know several other people who regularly paint there with either non-GW brushes or non-GW paints.

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