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Building Terrains

  1. Urban bases for warhammer/warhammer 40K

    I'm doing some urban bases for warhammer/warhammer 40K, i was bored of using always the same plan bases so i've been thinking for a while about doing something special for my current army (the newly released Vampire counts for wh).I found a way to "sculpt" the urban texture on the base just by accident, i was playing with a couple of molds i have and i found a simple way to transfer the texture to the bases:cut off the upper part of a warhammer plastic base, just leave the edgesplace the ...
  2. WIP urban terrain for sci fi wargames

    This post in the official AT-43 forums shows some pictures of the urban project i was working on back in August.I wasn't happy about the level of details so i stopped the project moving to an alternative strategy using molds   
  3. Let's start

    Hello everyone,just started my new blog, currently i'm working on some cool terrain projects for a fantasy/sci fi wargame i'd like to build a urban terrain, each building should be very detailed and placed on a small board so that i will be able to expand or change the config of the table i'm using the awesome molds by  since i'm building some big stuff i did some "aggregated" molds using as base components the small bits casted with Hirst arts molds ...

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