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count zero99uk

My continuing adventure into the world of modeling.

  1. Counts WIP log for 2013.

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    Hi all and a happy new year to you. Thanks for the help and support you wonderful people have shown me over the past year even if my output has not been as prolific or as amazing as some i have truely enjoyed my time here.

    So whats happening this year?

    Wyrd's Puppet Wars - Last year I managed to get my hands on a pack of all the pawn boosters and the multi player set to go with the base set i got the other christmas. Ive currently got the puppets from the base set
  2. The Shipyard

    I do like this, the minis for Federation Commander come in nice packs that support there game well.  So far I have got Squadron Boxes 1, 2 and 3 and border box 1. Squadron box 1 which contains 5 Federation Vessels, are all painted up nowSquadron boxes 2 and 3 are cleaned assembeled and undercoated and just need me to get to work on them.Border box 1 have been cleaned ready for assembly.
  3. Grr mein zombie

    OK so just to let you know where I am with this lot.  Im waiting for a large order of stuff to come into my local gaming shop, thats Patriot Games. West Wind I think are getting ready for Vapnartak so my order is a little delayed.Im expecting enough to form a 100-150 point force and am looking forward to getting started.  I have allready obtained a HMG Blister and an APC from westwind which look really nice.  When i make a start on cleaning them up ill get some pics up.There probably ...
  4. Prepare to be consumed.

    Well today I bought my first ever 40K miniatures. They are sat not 5 feet from me glaring at me going make me and lets feed.I headed over to Halifax (UK) to a model shop called Halifax Modelers World at the Piece Hall. Upon entering I was amazed at the ammount of models you could fit in such a small area. Anyway I was a man with a mission and headed straigh to the counter.Id allready called so I knew the had the Tyranid Battle Force pack in. I also wanted to bulk the army out a bit. So i got a box ...
  5. General about me.

    Hi all, welcome to my first blog ever.  Also my first attepmt at modeling and painting.  Ive been into roleplaying for about 20 years but the wargaming thing kinda passed me by as being far too expencive and time consuming.However, I have now found myself in a postition with money and time to spend in doing something to give me focus.Just before christmas 2008 I heard that ADB, the makers of Star Fleet Battles, had a streamlined version of that game out called Federation Commander so i ...

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