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  1. Unsolicited Review: Pop Sculpture

    Hello all! I just got this book [url=]Pop Sculpture; how to create action figures and collectible statues[/url] the other day and thought I'd share it with you and my thoughts on it. I had read about in in Amazing Figure Modeller and when I had to go on Amazon to get some of my textbooks, I thought it was a good excuse to throw this in there too.
    First ...
  2. Chrispy's Vandella WIP

    [QUOTE=Chrispy;698794]What idiot decided I should to this in oils? Oh.. yeah... Me.
    Okay, so:

    I mixed up all my oils, and they are drying up (even though I made alot of them- tube paint does not lend itself to small drops). I went ahead and did skin and hair, even though one wrong move will smudge the other, but the turquoise makes a natural complement to her skin, thus creating ...
  3. Chrispy's Vandella WIP

    [QUOTE=Chrispy;698392]Hey kat! Well, I've been trying to improve on my artwerk.. plus when the FBI took my computer, they also absconded with all my digital art stuff. Government is stupid. more people need to stop using it.

    [IMG][/img]nyways- Here's the work so far:
    I used ...
  4. Chrispy's Vandella WIP

    [QUOTE=Chrispy;697378]Okie- Dokie-Loki: So even though this was discussed somewhat tentaviely in other threads, I'm starting the Vandella succubus model from Super Dungeon Explore!
    For those that came in late, I've established I'm going to use Carrera's color scheme from Viper GTS:

    It was either this or Morrigan, and although Van looks more like Mor I think this will make her stand out a bit more. (Plus I can ...

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