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  1. pate's Avatar
    They're both painted with white undercoat:) The reason for them looking different is becuase I did not apply any wash in the process. I was just starting out and wanted two types of beards, unfortunately the blonde didn't turn out as convincing as the grey:)
  2. pate's Avatar
    Thanks guys:) I did actually know about the FW weathering. I already ordered from MIG though:) Apology accepted!;P The Bone shoulderpad comes with the GW Plague Marines Box.

    I'm very inexperinced when it comes to vecihles, so I haven't really established a method nor standards for what I think works and doesn't. But as previously stated, there's more work to be done^^
  3. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Lovely NMM on the staff. Something I noticed though is that the blonde (but not the grey) beards look a little odd, possibly because the shading on them is very subtle. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say white undercoat?
  4. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    I really like the figures, they look all set to go. From tabletop distance, they'll look absolutely amazing! I particularly like (and want to steal) the bone shoulder pad there, with the ribs and spine. Is that a green-stuff sculpt or is it an actual model (that I could buy)?

    The tank isn't painted to quite as high a standard as the marines, but then you did say you were halfway through. Weathering powders were made for tanks. Forgeworld have recently brought out their own line for decent prices and released a fairly cool pdf on the uses of them. It's well worth a look if you don't know the full range of effects that they can achieve (if you do, my most humble apologies ;) ).
  5. Chern Ann's Avatar
    Doesn't look half painted at all. Above tabletop decent, well done.
  6. pate's Avatar
    Hey, thanks:)
  7. pate's Avatar
    That's great advice. I'm currently the proud owner of not one, but Two washes! GW's badab black and vallejo's flesh ink:) I think I'll keep them the shade their at atm, atleast until I finished the head of the hammer.
  8. skeeve's Avatar
    I would try a very dilute red wash. If you have GW baal red I would dilute it probably 1:3 and was everything lightly to shift it to more red/orange
  9. pate's Avatar
    Thanks:) Yeah, I totally agree. I just can't ber arsed to fix it, not at the moment atleast:P They were painted using a rather shitty brush and it was about as much I could achive with it, and it was among the first that I acutally painted. I might freshen it up a bit another day, it will do for now:D
  10. Observer's Avatar
    Very skilful work. NMM looks very well as a natural steel, silver or gold, maybe exept the golden braselets. The gradient between orange and white on them is too sharp. But that's my opinion. Waiting for your Runelord ;)
  11. pate's Avatar
    Thanks:) The colors in that picture are way more like it should be. I aint got no software atm to make that kind of adjustments though. I'm working on a "photo-tent", directly translated from swedish:P. That and the fact that I now have a real camera should let me produce some better pics:)
  12. skeeve's Avatar
    Sorry for duplicated comment. Actually with minimal post-processing you can improve existing images as well. Take a look
  13. skeeve's Avatar
    For being "pretty rusty" they look pretty good. Now, you need either more light or longer exposure. As it is pictures are too dark.

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