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  1. And the pile grows again..

    The mailman brought my Cassar marine, and my friend gave me:
    1x Games Workshop Celeborn
    1x Games Workshop Aragorn
    1x Games Workshop Gamesday 2010 Chaos Sorceror
    Celeborn and hopefully the Sorceror will be done in time for GD this year.
  2. Add another one to the done pile

    Kisa and her Siamese familiar Scratch.
  3. One step forward, six steps back!?

    Found a Wolfen Scorpions Starter kit at the LGS.
    Inside are:

    1x Wolfen Great Fang 1
    1x Wolfen Great Fang 2
    1x Ysis, Viper of the Desert
    1x Sentinel of Danakil 1
    1x Sentinel of Danakil 2
    1x Sentinel of Danakil 3

    It also included an Onyx the Prowler, but I already had one so I have it to Elly.
  4. Another one done (that makes two!)

    Guild of Harmony's Steampunk Dorothy for CMON 25.

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