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  1. Keep digging

    1x Reaper Virinia, Female Demon
    1x Hasslefree Suzi (b)
    1x Hasslefree Zombie Suzi
    6x Hasslefree Zombie #4
    1x Enigma Miniatures Ahnamoth
  2. More to add to the pile *sigh*

    1x Hasslefree 40mm Artemis
    1x Reaper 2008 Christmas Sophie
    1x Games Workshop Terrorgeist
    1x Games Workshop Cockatrice
    1x Games Workshop Vlad von Carstein
    1x Games Workshop Necromancer
    2x Games Workshop Cairn Wraiths
    1x Games Workshop Tomb Banshee
    1x Games Workshop Grave Guard box
    1x Games Workshop Zombies box
    2x Games Workshop Crypt Ghouls boxes
    1x Forgeworld Brass Scorpion
    1x CMON Cang the Implacable

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