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Girl Gangs WIP

  1. Gun Street Girls - Finished

    Finally got the finished figures photographed under better lighting:

    Bigger pics here and here.

    They are also available on ebay if anyone is interested in giving a couple of them a home.
    1, 2, 3, & 4 .
  2. Turkey Tarts

    finished off the 2nd biker in between making casserole and dressing today:

    And I got started on the last gang member:

    Now it's time to got eat turkey.
  3. More FUUK-Tarts

  4. . . .man eaters on motor bikes

  5. vrooom!

  6. we are the hell-cats nobody likes. . .

    This project is another bunch of girls, to be sent off to the UK for the Frothers gang-fight demo at Salute '08.
    I was warned off of Westwind, and sadly it was warranted- the figures aren't that great. They are OK gaming figures, but really lacking where it counts in the details, hands, and faces. But, they fit the idiom I wanted, and they'll do for demo game.

    I'm doing them very quickly, but I hope someone will enjoy driving them around the board anyway.
  7. and the leotard makes 8

    It's finishing touches time on the last of the Gun Street Girls . . .

    And a sneakpeak at what the whole batch will look like when done:

    There is enough variety in the figures from this pack that I was thinking of maybe putting them up for sale in pairs, rather than all 8 together. I don't know if someone would want the whole gang or not. We shall see I guess. . .

  8. the Girls of November

    Been another sporadic week, but I finally settled down and finished this lot this evening. That leaves me with only Ms Catsuit shown in the previous picture left to do. I guess I need to quit stalling on what color to do her togs now, and come up with something.

    I think the guns might be a touch over highlighted. I like the effect over all, but I think a bit more subdued would be nice. I like the pair of pistols alright, but I think the shotgun is a bit light.

  9. lead slinging ladies

    It has been a bit sporadic this week. I quit smoking the other day, and all though it has gone much better than I thought it might, it did throw off my painting concentration a bit for the first couple days. Anyway, catching back up with the rest of the gun-street-girls:

    I'm still not sure what color do Ms. Bodysuit there. . . I've got another project that is going to be a lot of black leather, so I'd prefer to do something else here... Black or red are probably the standards when it ...
  10. just a bunch of girls.

    I really like the way these came out. The rest of the pack are a little more tightpants and boots and stuff.. . so I don't know if the tough style I tried to get on these will work on them . . . we'll see.

    whatdya think of these:
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