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  1. Arrow Storm!

  2. Arrows cost money

    I finally finished the bases on these... they've been waiting around for a while:

    English ( / Welsh conscript) bowmen, and their captain Sir William Samson. c1290s.

  3. Archers 2, Electric Boogaloo

  4. loose!

    Some english archers I've been mucking about with. The muted yellow took a little trial and error, but I like what I've got

  5. Poor Knights of Christ

    Brian De Jay, knight Templar. Fought with Edward I, and was killed at Falkirk.(ebob miniatures). Flanked by two Templar sergeants (perry miniatures).

  6. the tomb of god

    My Templar Knight and his two Sergeants are just about done, and ready to start causing rumours to lasting 800 years.
    Oh, and the germans are done, but no more pictures till I get them based anad shot properly.

  7. cavalry are comin'

    WIP knight and two sergeants. Perry Bros and Ebob; both very nice horse sculpts.

  8. The Trouble With Scotland. . .

    Is that it's full of Scots!
    Did these archers for my Rebellion collection the other night. The only problem is that Bob has only sculpted the one pose for the Scots, which is too bad. Hopefully we'll get some new ones this year.

  9. filthy english pig-dogs!

    For my scots-rebellion English: Sir Charles le Brun, his faithful hound Snoupé, and his trusted standard bearer Linus VanPelt, Esquire.

    The coat of arms is actuyally authentic for a knight who fought at Falkirk and aStirling (William le Vavasour).
  10. lidocane, betadine, and blood, oh my!

    3 stitches, left index finger knuckle. :
    Numb right now, and nothing serious but definately going to slow things down for a few days.

    Here's a not great picture of Sr. Vavasour from the other night, just for something:

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