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  1. No Such Agency's Avatar
    That's not quite where I started painting minis, but at the time it was a big extravagance that I saved up for... and have never regretted buying! I still have sprues from that box that I use for bitz occasionally! (An added bonus was that the plastic was easy to convert, and I didn't know what Space Marines were "supposed" to be like, so many fun conversions ensued.)
  2. dogfacedboy uk1's Avatar
    Looks great man although some more detail on the base would make it look even better.

  3. No Such Agency's Avatar
  4. blackfly's Avatar
    You're very right about the feet, NSA. They are mad-fidly and fragile... I broke several at the ankles just from partial casting / air bubbles that cracked apart under pretty gentle filing/sanding as it is. I gues I just got tired of it by the time I got to this guy. They were intended to be a 'quick' level of finish, but that should not have been overlooked.


  5. No Such Agency's Avatar
    Very nice. I enjoy these undead pirates of yours, if I had more time I'd do a few myself.

    In this case, to be honest, you probably should have filed a bit more of the base off his feet, it's pretty obvious he's got little lead "sandals" on...
  6. Carol's Avatar
    I love the work you have done on these BF, the stripes are superb and the bones are amazing. First class paint job.
  7. john's Avatar
    At least for a little while. Nice to see you updating again, until you get shut down again.
  8. skeeve's Avatar
    It is readable, why?
    I like the red guy in a hat definitely the best of the set.
  9. No Such Agency's Avatar
    "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. " - HL Mencken
  10. john's Avatar
    They look really good. The crew of them work well together.
  11. skeeve's Avatar
    Tausept ochre (sp?) from GW foundation line does wonder to achieve this particular shade of yellow.
  12. No Such Agency's Avatar
    These are surprisingly dynamic for historical minis. They really look like they're galloping hell bent for leather.
  13. Davyboy74's Avatar
    Sorry...i forgot to put my name to my last post.....
  14. skeeve's Avatar
    I meant how did you paint kilts :)
  15. skeeve's Avatar
    How do pay these kilts. May I ask for a close up?
  16. skeeve's Avatar
    Looks very good and airy, great job
  17. Friar's Avatar
    Nice lookin squad you definatly do a great job at bringing these lil fellas to life. Now all they need are a million pissed off zulu warriors to have em surrounded :)
  18. Friar's Avatar
    I read the names and they all got an outragous french accent in my head and it was over, then I was thinkin bout how anyone would know what some medival guys dogs name was and it hit me like a mac truck.
  19. blackfly's Avatar
    Ha! No worries Friar... thanks for the commetns; and glad you like them. :)
  20. Friar's Avatar
    yeah so after rereading the names of your nights I relized what a buffoon I had made outta myself .... oh well lol christ I need to read things more carefully

    Keep up the good work
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