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  1. kingnova3000's Avatar
    Simply wow
  2. kingnova3000's Avatar
    11.5 out of 10
  3. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Me too man... Me too...
  4. kingnova3000's Avatar
    Looking snappy! Can't wait to see the devastator marine done up.
  5. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Thanks man. Had some good advice from a good mate.
  6. kingnova3000's Avatar
    The custom marine's robes look great dude! Very unique.
  7. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Sorry about the dark parts in the pictures, I didn't realise till I'd already posted. Damn flash...
  8. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Not a bad idea at all man. I like it. Thanks.
  9. kingnova3000's Avatar
    The production line is coming along really well dude. The green stuff work is very smooth. As for the head I say go for it. There is never such a thing as too far from the marine path. Make up your own chapter to use it with, one with a suitable theme.
  10. Northern_Fox's Avatar
    Thanks man. He's my favourite too. I got the head on ebay after the model was finished, I saw the red scorpion shoulder and the halberd and knew he had to have a different head. So I went looking and found that. Pretty happy with the outcome.
  11. kingnova3000's Avatar
    Looking awesome dude, the Red Scorpion guys is my favourite so far; the helmet and pose makes me all warm inside.

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