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  1. TOPC MINI - Commission stream.

    Quote Originally Posted by TOPC Gallery View Post
    Just finished this prototype for 2 huge blood angles armies I will be painting.
    Wanted a smooth and atmospheric look that i could achieve with no hassle in just a couple steps.
    I was going for simple here as I will be hammering up to 20 of these a day.
    Also this was the first test for my new photo booth

    looking forward to the full army
    comments and criticism welcome

    Name:  jafaee.jpg
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    LINK -
  2. Death Guard Rhinos

    Work in progress for a regular client .i will have some snow in the crevices and tracks by the end which I am looking forward to doing Enjoy !All C&C welcome.I do take commissions LINK - AndrewsTOPC MINIzacandrews@topcgallery.com
  3. Thundertusk WIP

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