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  1. Toad infamy minis. Part 3

    So tonight I worked on turning a lot of the metallics copper. I used mainly reapers coppery orange as I still have trouble wrapping my head around nmm. I should have taken pics after this step but forgot and jumped right into starting to add oxidation to the copper machinery. Here are tonight's pics:
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  2. Infamy miniatures. Toad 2

    Ok, so this morning I started to work on the base a little. I recently backed the Happy Seppuku kickstarter to get a bunch of rubber stamps to use for basing, bits, and dioramas. This is what I decided to use to make the base for Toad.

    I started with the flagstone stamp, and mixed up some putty, I had to go back and add more, this is a big base. That is the reason for the 2 different colored putties on the base in the picture. I wet the stamp down a little and then pressed the ...

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