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  1. Reaper Miniatures: Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess #03431

    This is the Reaper Miniatures Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess model 03431 metal.

    Name:  FGP_4.jpg
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    Name:  FGP_1.jpg
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    Name:  Svetlana1.jpg
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    Name:  FGP_2.jpg
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    Name:  FGP_5.jpg
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  2. Space Marine Captain

    This is my captain for a custom Space Marine Legion: Legio Fulminata. The 12th Legion Thunderbolts.

    Name:  Commander2.jpg
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    Name:  Commander1.jpg
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    Name:  Commander6.jpg
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    Updated 08-21-2023 at 07:12 PM by Forest Elf

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  4. [Warmaster][Wood elves][WIP beastmasters]

    Usually I don't post WIP's, but today I need some help. In the old edition's WHFB armybooks there were wood elves animal keepers or beastmasters. Their regiment consisted of a master and some different animals/beasts. So, the idea is to proxy a Wild Hunt regiment by 3 stands with beastmasters. In fact it will be much better than 4 equal units of deer-riders.
    Which 3 stands do you prefer to choose?
    1. Hounds from celtic range.
    2. Boars.
    3. Small bears.
    4. Big bear. ...
  5. [Warmaster][Wood elves][Characters #2]

    Required minimum is ready. 10mm version of a highborn will act as my general. One of the best miniatures GW ever produced: those hair on the face, such contemptuous glance, flowing cloak. Why not Orion? He remained in Athel Loren and did not follow the Lost Kindred.
    Waywatcher noble is a cheap companion, only 80pts. However I feel I will include her just for the stern owl on the base.

    Name:  13 Characters.JPG
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  6. [Warmaster][Dogs of War][Halfling archers]

    New regiment and they are very special guests here. Before current Revolution-edition Warmaster wood elves list requires 3 units of archers per 1000pts. How could I make them different and interesting? Hey, armybook said that Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks used to join wood elves. Moreover I had them in my 28mm WE army. Only one problem was here: WarpMinis made halflings with crossbows, but I needed archers. And today I have unique halflings! They can count as ordinary archers (who can stop me?), ...
  7. [Warmaster][Wood elves][Terrain/objectives]

    Just another quick painted terrain/objectives. Something should be done during tough time, so better 1 hour finished stumps than nothing at all. Now it's time to be revealed as continuation of assembling the troops.

    Name:  11 Terrain.JPG
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  8. Howly


    Updated 03-12-2023 at 09:30 PM by DonaldStanley

  9. [Warmaster][Wood elves][Glade riders #2]

    Second light cavalry unit, half brigade is done. Expectations were true: the greatest problem was the citadel white paint. The result is little darker, nevertheless I feel more satisfied with them.

    Name:  10 Glade riders.JPG
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  10. [Warmaster][Wood elves][Glade riders]

    Glade riders, the first squadron of light cavalry. Beloved, adorable cornets, fast and gallant. That was a nightmare to paint them, 3 features in one time made the process horrible. Bad paints (white, orange), bad poses (closed hand positions, riders on horses as one item), huge amount of details (just like they are at least 20mm, not 10mm).

    Name:  09 Glade riders.JPG
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