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  1. A Good Teacher, A Good Luck

    ¡¡I thought, well...that's a wife for you. She aroused us to shouting, bookwaving discussions.I guess, the children will remember. She had the noisiest class in school and she didn’t even seem to know it.Then, thechildren came into breakfast, but, they didn'tsay a word. ¡¡¡¡When I started to the office, I was feeling pretty low and despondent. We could never stick to the subject.As I walked into myoffice, my secretary Janet said, ""Good morning,Boss, happy birthday."" ...
    Computer gaming
  2. Tauro Yedharo Models

  3. Blood For The Blood God!

    So, this is my chaos warriors project so far.It's composed of a mixed bulk of corse units, a regiment each of maruders, chaos warriors who worships Khorne and a small unit of maruder horsemen. And is supported by a small regiment of chaos knights devoted to Khorne. For some reason i decided to paint my hero on foot in traditional Slaanesh colors - purple and gold... Which seems kinda odd considering i have no other units clearly devoted to Slaanesh.The army general is of course the center piece ...
  4. inch by inch leaf by leaf

    I'm getting back at this painting biz a little bit more now and again.

  5. Lord of Khorne

    OK, so it's finished. The big kahuna, the ayatollah of rock'n-rolla, the lord of Khorne is done.After getting some hints on how to make the big guy become a part of the juggernaut i added some red details to it. I'm quite pleased to have finished something for once.The next project is making the bases for my maruder horsemen. Pics comming up tomorrow... And then i'll start on my next batch of chaos warriors, and hopefully i'll be able to finish them and a set of chaos knights until the 25th this ...
  6. Like mother - like daughter.

    My youngest daughter has decided she likes to paint too. Considering her age (7) she down't do too badly either. I will be posting a picture of her most recent creation when I get home from work. She wanted me to post it for voting, I told her when she was doing smaller more detailed ones that we could look at that, but I would put it on my blog for all to see. I finished up my blood wolf and am working on the Jackal headed guy now. I think he's looking pretty good so far, but I have a lot of detailing ...
    Painting and Modelling ,
  7. The Chaos Divide 17

    Well as another update looks like i really am losing my concentration and patience for painting these, so i decided just to get these out the way. Although, saying that i do still have three more to go lol. But anyway for table top quality i think they are alright. Here is the piccy. 
  8. Black Armour

    I went for a black armour on the Khorne Lord on the Juggernaut. It looks a bit chalky now, but i'll do some finishing touches with some inks and washes on the guy tomorrow or on wednesday. And that should do the trick.  I'm also thinking of giving the armour a hard coat finish, so it looks shiny, tough and well taken care of. Not that i think a deamon armour rusts, but who knows..? Well, here he is, the poor guy. 
  9. Juggernaut Project.

    The juggernaut is just about finished, so i'm about to start on the rider. The rider is usually painted red with bronze and brass details. But i'm thinking i might do something else. I'm thinking of going for either a black armour with hard highlights and some hard coat to make the armour look shiny and bad ass. The other option is a bronze armour, which is very Khornish as well. I think that would make a good contrast towards the red and bronze juggernaut.  I've also changed the base ...
  10. Willkommen auf meinem Blog

    O.K. dieser Blog ist derzeitig noch im Aufbau. Aber das wird schon noch.
    General ,

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