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  1. Getting the Shakes

    Right, well I've been away from the paints for over a week now and the withdrawal has been dreadful.

    I've been in holiday, that thing where you go away and have to have a good time. LIke it or not. I couldn't take my mini's and gear with me so I've just had to withdraw. I took a sci-fi book with me from the Heresey series and as I'm painting Dark Angels it had to be "Descent of Angels". This has duely inspired me, but my anxiety has got so bad recently my shakes are almost uncontrollable. ...
  2. A «BIG» project... Continued: More dakka!

    Once again, I'm bothering you with my week's doings. Hope you enjoy the ride as well as I do!

    First, the basecoat. Once again, I used my easy-to-do rust technique to give some texture to the arm.

    Then, I started painting some details all over the place. Here's the ammo feeding box and the battle damage details on the main barrel:

  3. Warpwolf Stalker, conversion

  4. HUGE Warhammer Fantasy Army Book Update

  5. my weird cg models

    Name:  teapot.jpg
Views: 2010
Size:  112.4 KBName:  stunner.jpg
Views: 2966
Size:  407.4 KBName:  bee anthro.jpg
Views: 1869
Size:  245.7 KBName:  anthro clothes reclining.jpg
Views: 1772
Size:  194.8 KBName:  perky succubus (front).jpg
Views: 1711
Size:  61.0 KBName:  rachel shaded.jpg
Views: 1765
Size:  82.4 KBtell me your thoughts on theses models and whether you would want miniatures of them
  6. CG and 3d modeled miniatures

    I have no clue whether my digitally created miniatures are welcomed here or not, but that is not the point. I will give the pro's and con's of using 3d modeling and printing to create miniatures.
    *Eases learning curve for creation of miniatures
    *3d printing is an expanding field
    *less time creating a mock up and printed models can be recycled if not wanted
    *allows for more intricate, detailed, and mind blowing miniatures

    *spamming of ...
    Tabletop Gaming , Other
  7. Information Overload...

    Okay, so I'm pushing on trying to improve.

    I'm pretty sure that my most recent mini I've posted is my best yet, but I just can't get my cameraphone to translate the way the eye does.

    I did what I reckon most of us do, and started research. Now the problem I've got is I probably know too much! At least enough to know I haven't got a clue.

    This took me back to a conversation I had with my step dad. It was about developing in art, how the only way, in his opinion, ...
  8. Pureblood Warpwold

  9. Kaya the Wildborne (Variant) (Мой вариант)

  10. daemon prince of nurgle

    First expirience in using oil paints, daemon prince of nurgle:


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