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  1. Confrontation 4ed is coming

    the 4th edition of confrontation is coming, i haven't yet received by box so i don't know what will be the actualy quality of the pre painted minis (the one below is painted by the studio)
    more information and the official rules at the official Confrontation website thanks Rackham for giving away the rulebook as free download, to bad they will dismiss part of the awesome metal miniature range
  2. Great Stag conversion

    Had a really fun time the last week or so converting up this new Wood Elf character. I bulked out a Dark Pegasus with a pile of greenstuff, and gave him a massive rack of antlers made out of Dryad branches and many many pins. If you look carefully, he even has the boy parts alluded to in previous posts :-)The "rider" is attached to the base with several magnets, so he can clip onto a regular sized base if the mount dies, or even if I just want to include him in an army without the Stag. ...
  3. Space Wolf Conversion by my brother Simon Remis

    Some time from my lsat update! :-D So there you have my last brother´s conversion:  Photos are not good but I am painting this conversion and it is looking great guys!! I will try to post the finished painted mini soon :-DEeeenjoy!!! Saul      
  4. Space Wolf Lord painted

    After some days of innactivity again due to bandwidth problems, I am here again!!! I will need to post all photos in imageshack I think...XD   EEEEnjoy!!!Comments are always welcome!! Saul 
  5. Sisters of Battle test figure

    Hey guys, been a while since I updated anything. I was a bit burned out after finals/term papers at the end of the semester, and have spent most of my time sleeping, playing video games and trying to get back in shape rather than painting. Re-doing my bedroom had something to do with it as well, I no longer have the space for both a computer desk and a painting desk. I'm currently experimenting with a computer desk buried in hobby supplies, time will tell if this solution can work.This is the ...
  6. I hate drill bits, but I love Sisters of Battle

    Yep, I've broken 5 bloody drill bits in about 10 days I reckon. I've pretty much reduced myself to a handful of drill bits the width of a human hair, and another handful that are way too big to be useful. Lovely huh? Oh, and I've got several throbbing puncture wounds in my left hand as well. The last one dug in about 8mm I would imagine. I do have a pic to show off though, my alt color scheme Canoness. The HQ will have the all-metal look to them, and if I get super lazy then all the rank and ...
  7. Baltimore 2008 Games Day-small update

    This entry turned out to be rather long so if you want to skip verbiage just go in side.The Official coverage is up on GW site. 4&pIndex=0&aId=9000001&start=1 First and foremost I would like to apologize for the poor quality of images. The lesson learned never use strange cameras J. I also had my daughter in tow and that really limited my mobility. People who attend these events ...
  8. ROLEAGE game New Miniatures

    This last week of july arrives with a lot of news and surprises. As we have been advising for the last couple of weeks, TALE of WAR will start to promote and release miniatures for the new Spanish role game ROLEAGE This game has a lot of new and fresh ideas, histories and background to play with. Our first bunch of 4 releases of this surprising and enjoyable game are suitable for the world of Geos, where this role game is being developed. As well, all those products have their ...
  9. Reaper Dryad WIP

    Deear guys!! This one is my current project. I am following an illustration scheme of colours I found surfing the web.       Hope you like it!!!comments and suggestions are welcome,Saul 
  10. Assault on black reach Ork "the freebee" nob

    Enough said... Simple off the shelf (from the White Dwarf rather) ork nob.        
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