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  1. [Warmaster][Wood elves][Characters #2]

    Required minimum is ready. 10mm version of a highborn will act as my general. One of the best miniatures GW ever produced: those hair on the face, such contemptuous glance, flowing cloak. Why not Orion? He remained in Athel Loren and did not follow the Lost Kindred.
    Waywatcher noble is a cheap companion, only 80pts. However I feel I will include her just for the stern owl on the base.

    Name:  13 Characters.JPG
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  2. [Warmaster][Dogs of War][Halfling archers]

    New regiment and they are very special guests here. Before current Revolution-edition Warmaster wood elves list requires 3 units of archers per 1000pts. How could I make them different and interesting? Hey, armybook said that Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks used to join wood elves. Moreover I had them in my 28mm WE army. Only one problem was here: WarpMinis made halflings with crossbows, but I needed archers. And today I have unique halflings! They can count as ordinary archers (who can stop me?), ...
  3. [Warmaster][Wood elves][Terrain/objectives]

    Just another quick painted terrain/objectives. Something should be done during tough time, so better 1 hour finished stumps than nothing at all. Now it's time to be revealed as continuation of assembling the troops.

    Name:  11 Terrain.JPG
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