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Week 14: ghouly gathering

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I'm back painting after a weeks break and its a return to an old favourite. In my opinion Crypt ghouls are just such great figures. I love the look of rushing forward with the manic look on the faces and the grasping grabbing hands. Also in a sad, way I love their little back sides!!

I had quite a problem when I started painting these because I had forgotten the colour scheme that was used with my previous ghouls. For my own future reference I used a base coat of Chradon Granite. This was heavily washed with Devlan mud. I then worked the colour back up through Charadon Granite through Khemi Brown, Kommando Khaki to Bleached bone. The muscle tone was then highlighted using Leviathan purple, Ogryn flesh and Devlan mud. The scars, elbows and knees received Leviathan purple through Baal red to Scab red, with just a dab of Vomit brown.

The hair was scorched brown, through beastial brown to Vomit brown


16 painted in a week, I will try another 16 next week.

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  1. supervike's Avatar
    Love the flesh color! These are fantastic minis, and I didn't realize it until seeing yours.
  2. Target's Avatar
    Many thanks. Coming from you that means a lot. I can't seam to get a good enough photo to show the subtle tones, but enough said, they look better in the "un" flesh.

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