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ReaperCon: Hard at it

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I'm still plugging along on my entries for ReaperCon.  As of today I have one that will be totally ready.  I would have had another one finished but I dropped him as I was spraying the finish and his arm came loose so I had to fill the seam with milliput and need to repaint.  I have another one that's near completion.  Tried my first attempt at lining with him, what I learned is that it is better to line before you perfect the paining (my bad).  Needless to say, I need to do some clean up work on this one.  Then for the piece de's still a secret.

I only have 3 weekends left and still need to finish a dirama I'm making for mom for mother's day.  YIKES!  If it weren't for this darn day job I could get so much more accomplished. 

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