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Week 16: Bat swarms

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This weekend has been our clubs annual show (Legionary 2010) so it has been a bit tricky to fit painting around all the work that a show requires. The show was at a new venue and I think it was a qualified success. Although it was at a smaller venue than normal, it was in the centre of the city and therefore more amenable for those without cars. Parking was difficult, which affected the traders most significantly. Our club is currently reviewing whether hosting a show is worth all the effort. I think it would be a shame to drop it, but I'm not quite sure why!

This week I have moved onto the first pair of bat swarm figures. Both of these have been built with bats pinned off empire figures. Whilst it creates a bit of movement, it makes these quite fragile. I am not sure how these figures will stand up to the bumps and knocks that they would receive during play.

Every joint is pinned, but because of the size of the models, there is not a lot of pin and there are a lot of bits poking out. I may re-think this as an approach.

I hope you enjoy regardless.

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  1. supervike's Avatar
    Wonderful! It's worth the typical bumping risk to have such cool models.
  2. Observer's Avatar
    You are going to play them! They look as already made dioramas. Very neat and original

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