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Ork Land Ship

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Over the last year I have being seeing this orkish creation being build almost every Saturday.. Finally, Scott Brandt, who single-handedly designed and build this juggernaut incarnate, allowed me to take some pictures. The land ship is propelled by twin-baneblade chassis and contain parts from several stompas. Masts and sails are reinforced by metal rods and could be removed for transportation. Boarding "axe" and forward megacannon are not attached yet. There will be about a dozen upper-deck cannons and the freebooter crew


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  1. Gilvan Blight's Avatar
    Wow. That is very impressive!
  2. Scott's Avatar
    My inspiration was from many sources. When I was a kid there was an airbrush painting of a three mast ship on long ice blades crossing a frozen lake. The movie "Barbarella" had a land ship. Star Wars had the sand crawler. I love Spanish Galleons and tanks, so why not bring the two together! Working with Orks opens up a whole world (or universe) of creativity. I love seeing the conversion work that people do and hope people enjoy my work as well.

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