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Ork landship - final update.

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This is the final update on Scott's creation. Whoever attends the Games day will have a chance to meet this (and Scott) face to face. In the final push over the last two weeks Scott removed all FW elements from the boat to avoid pottential rule conflicts added crew (well, just the kaptin and his pet for now). THe Ship awaits its name! Any suggestions?


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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    Scott won Games day Baltimore 2010 vehicle conversion competition with this boat. Congratulations!
  2. Scott's Avatar
    Hey Larry, Thanks for the complements. The nut and bolt endings are part of the paneling from various GW kits. the piping on the back is from stompas and Manufactorum kits. All the other stuff is made of Imperial Guard tank barrels and the masts are hand cut bits around brass tubes (very strong to hold the sails)
  3. lazyminis's Avatar
    Waaagh the fung !?

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