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Update - Hordes Building

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Ok so i haven't posted anything new in a while only due to sheer idle and laziness. But i have been busy when it comes to painting, i decided i was getting quite bored with rank and file models especially the goblin spider riders, they were looking at me with those evil gobbo eyes begging me to paint them or die a horrible death through sharp pointy stabby stick.
squig hoppers
So i finished off the squig herd unit of 30 models (or 2 x 15 models). Overall im very happy with each individual model and the whole look of the regiment, but they dont go well together slotting nicely next to each other on the bases GW supplied, i do wonder if GW hate people like us.

The other regiment i kinda finished the same time was actually the dwarf slayers, these guys really are just beards and axes, but i found cos the models are the old stylie ones and not like the new plastics at all i didnt like painting them as much. Maybe i have a thing for plastic, but i'll save that for another time in private :P They look pretty good for tabletop standard but nowhere near as good as my goblin regiments. Although saying that they do look good together as a regiment and the gems im quite proud of.
spider riders
Next up was those pesky spider riders, i do hate cavalry units. So my plan was to do a quick paint scheme on them but try and keep it neat as possible. They took me about 2 days to do, whilst juggling my full time job. Overall i quite like the end effect and they are done neatly. Also, a yippee !! no more cavalry.... and then i looked down my desk and saw the squig hoppers....
squig hoppers
Luckily i really liked painting the squig hoppers and i thought i'd mix up the colours like i did with the squig herd to make both regiments more interesting. I painted these guys quickly but i enjoyed every moment of it. Squigs really are the best
dwarf cannon
So onto my next quick part was actually a dwarf cannon + crew and an extra dwarf warrior i found in my spares box The cannon crew were actually really really easy to paint and so was the cannon, i loved it plus i got to play with some more metallic paint, but as i use more metallics i find myself missing doing NMM effect so i might just stick with NMM more and keep that going (for those unknown, NMM = non-metal metal effect)

So all thats left for me to do is glue my gyrocopter together, paint 2 trolls, 1 doom diver, currently working on 3 fanatics, 1 dwarf lord and skarsnik and gobbla. Im about half way painting the doomdiver framework too. Its all coming together nicely

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