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NYC Demon in the City.

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This year NYC Demon in the City miniature painting competition will take place on Novemebr 6th during GW Greenwich Village Birthday celebration.

Entrants will be competing in 5 categories:

1) Single Miniature – a single miniature on up to 40 mm base from Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Necromunda, Mordheim, Blood Bowl or LoTR ranges

2) Large Models/vehicles – a large model on 60mm+ base

3) Group/squad – any game legal squad, regiment or any other appropriately named group of fighters.

5) Open Category  is open for essentially anything you can think of including dioramas, very large models, Blood Bowl teams. (Personally, I don’t like and idea of entering single miniatures into this category but I am sure I will be overridden on this one_

6) Youngblood for people under 14 – a single miniature on 25 or 40 mm

Entries are accepted starting from now till 4 PM on November, 6st at GW (54 East 8th Street, 212-982-6314) and the awards will be announced by 5 PM . You MUST BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT to win any award. The competition will be judged by our local GW employees and two outside judges, Ansle Elgort and me (Yurii Chinenov)  

Come, join the fun. If you have any questions PM or e-mail me or call directly to GW at Greenwich Village

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  1. Dave's Avatar
    Sounds great Yurii

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