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Welcome to the Blog of Gilvan Blight

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Greetings anyone who took the time to find out more about me.

At the time of creating this blog I am in my early 30s, living in Windsor Ontario Canada (the Armpit of Ontario) with my Wife Deanna (Pandoragreen on CMON) and new dughter Gwendolen (who is about 3.5 weeks old at this time).

I created this blog thinking I would showcase some of my works in progress and completed miniatures.  Mainly as a tool to encourage me to paint more, as I have thousands of unpainted plastic and metal guys in my basement that could all use a coat of paint or 12.

A bit more about me: I am definately more of a gamer then a painter.  I am into pretty much any time of gaming that eixists (board, card, online, pc, console, tabletop, miniature, dice, collectable, non-collectable, etc), and have been for a long time.  Way back when I inherited my fathers collection of D&D minis and his paints, and have been an on and off painter since.  I paint mainly models to game with, but actually game with very few of them and also have no issue using unpainted figures to play a game.  So it's pretty much an artistic hobby that makes my games look better when I do have guys done.

In addition to playing games and painting I am also the Webmaster of the Windsor Gaming Resource, a gaming Portal Site featuring News and information on a wide range of gaming genres with particular attention paid to events in the Windsor/Detroit area.  Feel free to stop on by at http://w-g-r.com and check out the growing Forums while you are there.

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