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Celtic and pseudo-Celtic patterns

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I am not sure whether these exercises of mine warrant writing and article but may be some ideas here will be helpful to people designing their own patterns. Anyway, questions? Comments?


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  1. Kretcher's Avatar
    I believe that you should get this into the article section as it is. Very nice tutorial and I belive it will help a lot of people out there.

    Nice work. Now I only need to find a figure to practise on.
  2. horrid's Avatar
    Very concise article. I'll be printing a copy and posting it in my paint area when I take a stab at knot work. The painted example along with your drawings is easily the best explanation I've come across on the web. I'm not a fan of the coat of arms though. Because your line work on the the trim is so clean it really hurts the composition. The edges are crisp and fluid while the coat is just too busy. Porportions on the animals head are kind of wonky and the knot work in the interior muddles it further. I really hope this comes across as constructive rather than scathing because you impressed me and taught me a technique I don't have much ability in.

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