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A quick list

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To help me keep track of what I have vs. what I have done.

So far, this year, I have purchased:

Kingdom Death Forsaker Pinup

Kingdom Death Twilight Kinght Pinup (32mm)

Kingdom Death Wet Nurse

Knight Models Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike

Gamezone Miniatures Chaos Anointed Knight Hero

Anima Tactics Cordelia Rosalind

Soda Pop Miniatures Kisa and Scratch

Soda Pop Miniatures Princess Malya and Mr Tomn

Reaper Miniatures Urban Legend Sophie

Reaper Miniatures Urban Legend Ellen Stone

Reaper Miniatures Astrid, Female Chronicler

Reaper Miniatures ReaperCon 11 Sophie

Rackham Confrontation Wolfen Prowler

Rackham Confrontation Irix, Ultimate Edition

Rackham Confrontation Wolfen Repentant 2

Rackham Confrontation Onyx the Prowler

Rackham Confrontation Ophyr the Guardian

Ultraforge Miniatures Pleasuredemon

CMON Steampunk Dorothy

CMON X'Stacy

Kabuki Models Bonnie Ann

Wyrd Malifaux Lilith's Brood Box

Wyrd Malifaux Freikorps Box

Wyrd Malifaux Mercenaries Box

Wyrd Malifaux Nekima, The Dark Sibling

Andrea Miniatures Ithandir, Blade of Eternity


Yeah, I've got a bit of a spending problem. I've purchased all these since I joined CMON in April! Now to start painting!


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