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i'm back. well, sort of.

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if you saw my login, it was because my wife was using my computer.

it's been a year-long recovery, and i hope it goes well.

there i was, minding my own business, and watching the rest of the knuckleheads at work (a US naval shipyard). things were looking good. i was walking down the pier, headed to test some comm gear on the ship when a poorly rigged pallet of materials fell from the gantry crane 50 feet onto the pier. and guess who was in the bounce zone?

we wear different colored hardhats so that when we get splattered, the cleanup crew  can tell which craft the victims were in. doc says i was lucky to have worn a hat- i'd been a bigger vegetable than i am now. right now i'm up to asparagus status.

nurse ratchett doesn't think it's a good idea for me to be on the computer. pagh. it's been a few months that i've been awake now- any epileptic fits should have worked themselves out.

but my doc thinks that painting a few minis will be good exercise for my addled (scrambled-egg) brain, so long as i stick with acrylics. there are a few high priority projects i need to get back to.

so, happy holidays! enjoy, but at least have the smarts to have a designated driver. don't make me have to come down there and take off my belt!

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