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<p>How many of you are insecure abut the way you look?&nbsp; Despite the picture I posted in the PYP thread this week I'm very insecure about my appearance.&nbsp; That picture was takedmore than 25 years ago and all the promise of too much weight has been fulfilled over the years.&nbsp; That's why I've never posted a picture of what I look like now.&nbsp; I swear the picture in your heads is better than the truth.</p><p>How many of you feel the same way?&nbsp; Is this universal or something just a few feel?&nbsp; These are questions that have ben running around in my head lately as I try to undo the damage of 25+ years of over eating, laziness and neglect.&nbsp; So I have this blog.&nbsp; I think I'll use it at least in part to ramble about how I'm doing on the quest for weight loss and a feeling of self worth.</p><p>Hope I don't bore you all too much with it.&nbsp; :-)&nbsp; </p>

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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    A lot of people feel the same way. I was about 145 lbs before I got glandular fever and then dropped to about 130 lbs. About 9 years ago, despite not changing my diet, I started to put on weight and in the space ofa couple of years I put on about 50 lbs of fat. I have lost a few since. As I have M.E. and have problems with fatigue I look tired all the time as well. I guess what I'm saying is that I certainly don't feel I look at all good. The picture I posted in the pyp thread that was 8 years ago. I probably weighed about 160 lbs there but I do look tired. My eyes are a bit wonky and they don't point in the same direction. A friend pointed it out when she realised I wasn't actually looking past her when I was talking to her, it's just only one eye was lookind directly at here. :-D. On my better days when I've had more rest I feel I look better. Now, you say you think the image in our heads of you is better than reality; but I'm willing to bet that it's the other way around for you. So you've gained a bit more cuddliness and some laughter lines. As for things more south than they were, well, you did move down to California. :-D.

    Whatever you look like, it will make no difference to how I, for one, feel about you. I think you're lovely.
  2. wiccanpony's Avatar
    I know how you feel Liz, the wiccanpony that bounces all over CMON is my Spirit self, the reality is a whole lot more boring.

    Picture an older (59) lady with short gray hair, huge glasses do to the eyesight of a mole rat, a pear shaped figure with toothpick arms & legs, puttering around her house in a wheelchair ( how I miss being able to walk, one reason I like hearing about Billy’s soccer matches).

    This is what life has handed me, but along with it I have legions of good friends, tons of laughs that out number the times of tears. I live in truly interesting times and have more things to do then hours in a day.

    So let’s head over to the Freak Bar, have a drink and show those kids a think or two about having a good time.


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